5 Types of Beer League Goalies

1. The Puck Handler

If there is a chance to play the puck, this guy will play it. He’s constantly trying to spring breakaways, start the breakout, stop dump-ins and score empty netters. He can either be your defencemen’s best friend or worst nightmare. There are games where he gives up the puck right to the other team and they score an easy empty netter and there are games where we springs a forward for a breakaway goal on a bad change from the other team. This goalie idolizes Brodeur, Hextall and Turco. If you have an over puck handling goalie, you have to always be aware and make sure to communicate. Especially in beer leagues, this type of goalie can be a game changer (for better or for worse)

2. The Gear Slut

Often an active member in goalie equipment groups and forums. This goalie is genuinely turned on by a new set up. He’s constantly talking about and buying new equipment. He drives a broken down car because he spends thousands on his set up.  Nobody else on the team has any clue about what he’s talking about and everyone’s too nice to tell him he’s not good enough to be spending that kind of money on gear. He loves his equipment so much that he’s willing to avoid the puck to avoid his equipment getting ruined. He’ll only make saves if absolutely necessary.

3. The Scrambler

Whenever this goalie plays, it looks like it’s their first time playing net. It’s very evident that he’s never got any goalie training. Doesn’t know about angels or squaring off to the shooter. This goalie follows no standard goalie technics but this doesn’t mean he’s bad. Somehow he makes saves while he’s way out of position or maybe the guy has horseshoes in his pads. You’ll know if you have a Scrambler if there is always a rebound and several pileups in front the net. The team is constantly shocked that each shot isn’t a goal.

4. The Rent a Goalie

When choosing your roster at the beginning of the season, it’s important to get a reliable goalie or else you’ll likely end up with a few rental goalies. This goalie is paid for his services, typically ranging from $35-$60 a skate. By the time it’s your game, it’s likely his third game or fourth skate of the day. Rent a Goalie comes in all forms and renting a goalie is playing the beer league lottery. He can either be really good or really bad, he can either try hard or stand there picking up their paycheck. If you are in need of renting a goalie, we recommend using Puck App. This app is the Uber for the rent a goalies and you can be sure to get a 5-star rated goalie

5. The Highlight Machine

We all know this goalie. This goalie wants to make the highlight reel on every save. He’s always making around the world glove hand saves even when the puck if flicked in their glove. He comes sliding across the crease pads stacked for a slow dribbler on net. He’ll purposely get out of position to be able to dive back into the play to try to make a crazy save. Sometimes he makes them but mostly he looks like an idiot.