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Renting Ball Hockey or Female Goalie

Looking to rent a ball hockey goalie or to rent female goalies?

Puck App has both and here’s how to do it on the app. We’ve gotten quite a few emails lately asking if we have both female and/or ball hockey goalies on the app so we did a quite survey/tally and it looks like we currently have about 200-300 female goalies across Canada and about 15% of our goalies also play ball hockey. Our roster obviously isn’t as strong as men’s ice hockey but if you have one of those needs, it’s likely we can find you a sub for you game.

How to request a ball hockey or female goalie on Puck App?

Right now we don’t have specific filters for ball hockey or female only so when sending a game request make sure to write if it’s ball hockey or a female goalie in the additional information when making a request.

If you know any ball hockey or female goalies, we’re looking to build out our roster 🙂

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