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Renting Ball Hockey or Female Goalie

Looking to rent a ball hockey goalie or to rent female goalies?

Puck App has both and here’s how to do it on the app. We’ve gotten quite a few emails lately asking if we have both female and/or ball hockey goalies on the app so we did a quite survey/tally and it looks like we currently have about 200-300 female goalies across Canada and about 15% of our goalies also play ball hockey. Our roster obviously isn’t as strong as men’s ice hockey but if you have one of those needs, it’s likely we can find you a sub for you game.

How to request a ball hockey or female goalie on Puck App?

Right now we don’t have specific filters for ball hockey or female only so when sending a game request make sure to write if it’s ball hockey or a female goalie in the additional information when making a request.

If you know any ball hockey or female goalies, we’re looking to build out our roster 🙂

Curious to know the busiest day to rent a goalie?

Curious to know the busiest day to rent a goalie?


With over 3000 games successfully saved because of Puck App goalies, we decided to do some digging in to which day of the week was most common for renting a goalie. Any guesses?


The overwhelming answer was Thursday.  Thursday was consistently the busiest day on the app, followed by Wednesday. Saturday’s were the least likely day for a team needing a rental.


Why do so many teams lose their regular goalie on a Thursday night? Here are our guesses as to why:


  1. Most teams want to play their league games during the middle of the week (Tues, Wed & Thurs) so there are more games being played.
  2. By Thursday, the work from the job has potentially piled up causing goalies to stay late at work or are too tired from work so they miss their regular skate.
  3. People often take Friday off and leave on vacation on Thursday.
  4. Most goalies watch The Bachelor on Thursdays.


Maybe to save money on rentals this winter, try to pick a Friday or Saturday ice slot. If not, we’ll still be here for you.