Hi Guys, it’s Niki from Puck App. I thought I’d create a quick video to show you how easy and how quickly it is to rent a goalie with Puck App.

So I’m going to pretend that I’m Mike Babcock and Freddy Anderson just came be a call and looks like he had a few too many drinks and won’t be able to make the game for the leaf’s home opener. So I’ve gone to the app store or the google play store and downloaded Puck App.

This is the home page. I’m looking for a goalie so I click find a goalie. Then I put the province, the city, the rink… we’re playing at the ACC. And the home opener is Saturday night and the puck drops at 7.

Here you put the team name, the level of the game, it’s obviously an A game since it’s the NHL and it’s a league game since it’s the first game of the season. Click Next, I can log in to my profile here. This is my personal email so don’t send any emails to this address. So I log in. It’s 3 twenty minute periods so a 60-minute game. I confirm my order and now Puck App sends a notification to all the goalies nearby that can play NHL games and wait a few minutes here.

Ah looks like we have Martin. Lets see who he is. Looks likes it’s Martin Brodeur! I didn’t know he was in Toronto and had his equipment. Lets shoot him a quick message. Oh looks like my messages to Freddy are still here.

“Hey Marty, are you good to play?” Looks like he answered “Oui, I’ve been working on my butterfly all summer”. Perfect, looks like we’re good to go! And like that, under a minute, you’ve been able to rent a goalie with Puck App. Thanks for watching.