What’s New with Puck App?

Are you guys curious on what new features we’re working on? Here’s what coming out shortly.

  • Referral Codes

Goalies! You can now earn more money with game referrals on Puck App! We know that many of our goalies are always being asked to play so we want our goalies to recommend Puck App if they can’t make it.

How it works?

Each goalie will get their own unique referral code (in the app) that they’ll be able to share through the app using SMS, Email or Social. The code gives the new user $5 off their first rental and when that game is booked, the goalie will  also gets $5 added to their monthly payout.

  • Improve Ratings & Tips

As I’m sure many of the goalies on the app know, not every user submits their ratings after each game. We’re making it so that the next time the user opens the app that they’ll have to submit a rating. We want a better understanding of who are the apps most professional goalies and who are our best ambassadors. This should also increase tips by making them more present.

  • Goalie Bio

Add a little about me section to your profile so the player knows a little but about you.

  • Cancel Counter

We have a firm policy on removing goalies after 3 cancels (when you accept a game and then cancel it) and we often get emails asking how many cancels they have. Cancels really hurt the app as it’s a bad experience for the player so we’re adding every goalies cancel count to their profile so they can see it. We’re going to start everyone at zero to make it fair.

  • Additional Info on Games

We’ve added an extra box on the game request where players can add additional information about the request. They can add information like which ice pad, over 40 skate, free drinks after or that they need a win.

All of these features should be ready to launch in March.

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