This was the second year running Puck App and it was definitely a year where we made a ton of progress and really validated that there was a need for an easier and more efficient way to find and rent hockey goalies.

Here are some of the milestones that the Puck App community accomplished in 2017:

  • Puck App launched on Android
  • Hit 1000 total games saved across Canada
  • Increased popularity out West with the help of Brennan (who manages Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg)
  • Added 500+ new goalies & opened up several new cities

Thanks again to all the goalies and players that have used the app. We’re excited for 2018 as we’ll continue to make the app better and increase awareness. We noticed that many cities have reached a critical amount of both players and goalies. That means more games on the app for goalies and that teams can find a goalie quickly. Help us in 2018 by spreading the word locally.

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Happy New Year,